Case study #3 — Designing Endless Browse.

About Flipp

Flipp is a digital flyer and coupon app in Canada and the U.S. Flipp enables users to view digital flyers from various stores, clip items to shopping lists and browse digital coupons.


Mid-2019, Flipp announced that there was a revenue gap which they wanted to work aggressively on. A few mission-based teams were taken off-mission to work on gap closure. This was the first project and design had a chance to create a business impact.

Problem definition

Flipp had 2 types of Flyers, Premium and Organic. Premium flyers made money, while Organic didn’t. The goal of Endless browse was to provide an opportunity to surface relevant related flyers at the end of the flyer users were viewing to drive more engagement and generate revenue.


I designed and prototyped various concepts that had varying degrees of risks and opportunities. Below are some of those concepts.

Cross Browse

Flyer with a timer, option to cancel

Next Flyer — Rubber band effect with haptic feedback

Approved variant

This project had high stakes. Stakeholders included Product, Executives, Business development, partner technology and others. The above variants had a varied amount of risks, one of them being retail partners would have objections. To counter this, we zeroed in on the option which had the least amount of business risk.


This was a high impact project and the timelines were aggressive. We tested the approved variant with the following user base.

  • 5 existing Flipp users.
  • 5 users who had never used Flipp before. They could have used competing apps like Checkout51, Ebates, Ibotta, etc.

Learning objectives

  • Do users understand where the flyer ends?
  • What was their understanding of the blue section?
  • Did they understand why they were seeing that section?
  • What would they do after finishing the flyer?


  • Most users understood where the flyer ended and store tiles start.
  • Most users didn’t expect to see the store tiles but were intrigued by them.
  • Most users said they would prefer to navigate via the store tiles at the end of the flyer.

Shipping the final mockups

Results after release

After shipping the endless browse feature, we saw a lift of 28% in the amount of time spent on each flyer and 12% conversion (Premium engaged visit). The impact on revenue was neutral as we noticed that the feature was cannibalizing the engaged visits from different tactics done during the same time.

Designer. Current: Sr. Product Designer @Ola. Prev: Design Lead @Scandid.

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